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Trained and qualified lash extension technician using only the highest of quality products for an immaculate and beautiful application.
Lash appointments will include a consultation so the lashes are specially designed and applied to suit the individual persons needs, shape of eye and look they desire. 

Stop wearing mascara today and simply wake up with stunning lashes!

For anyone that has questions on lash extensions, from application, after care, longevity, different styles and if lashes are suitable for you please find below some FAQ information for you to read. 
Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information if you have any questions.

In your consultation you will receive information on after care for your new set of lashes.
Click here for a printable version on your lash extension after care.

Many of my clients fall asleep when they get their lashes done as this is such a relaxing service, and wake up simply impressed with their new set of lush lashes.
Before you come to your lash appointment please come with no eye makeup. That way I can spend more time on your lash extensions than having to remove your eye makeup.
Avoid an oil based eye makeup remover as this will leave a oily residue on the lashes and will not allow the lashes to apply to your natural lashes properly. 

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