- Makeup Lessons
Makeup Lessons            
                                                                                     G r o u p  &  O n e  o n  O n e

Looking to update your current makeup look...?

Want to learn how the pro's do their makeup...?

Always wanted to know what products/colours suit you best and what the best products to use are...?

Look no further!...
With the perfection of makeup and ever changing looks throughout the year, makeup lessons are essential to get updated with the current trends and styles. 

With my help get a private personalized one on one lesson to teach you the latest techniques and styles to let you step out in confidence! Do makeup like a pro and have the envy of everyone! 

Or get a small group of girlfriends together to experience a fun time learning all about makeup! 

A fun and educational approach to learn how to apply your own makeup. 
With trade secrets and industry knowledge, you will walk away with everything you need to know to feel confident with all things makeup!
Bookings are super flexible and can accommodate to your schedule. Available for both week days and weekends. 
To book your personal one on one or group lesson, phone or email me for a booking time and date.

* Minimum of 4 people for group sessions

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