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Spray Tanning
               M o b i l e   O r g a n i c   S p r a y   T a n n i n g   S e r v i c e

A mobile organic spray tan technician that comes to you!
Have you ever wanted that natural but bronzed glow to your skin with out having to drive to a salon and have the risk of getting a horrible orange tan along with not so professional and friendly service?

Ashleigh uses Naked Tan, an organic, paraben-free, alcohol-free fluid, which is by far the best spray tanning product on the market. 
Not only do you get the best product offered but you get superior customer service, professional advice for your perfect tan and a friendly mobile service that comes to your home. 

Get your girls together, get all tanned up and have a fun night in while I take care of all the cleaning and packing up. No need to worry about a thing!

T a n n i n g   P r e p a r a t i o n  

Before your tan 

Exfoliate really well the night before with a rough scrub to remove dead skin cells.
It is recommended to do all your waxing/shaving 24 hrs before the application of the tan.  Moisturize leading up to the tan and especially the night before (ensures a hydrated soft surface for the tan to be applied nice and even)   

Day/night of your tan 

Shower before your tan to ensure no traces of moisturizer and deodorant are left on the skin.
Keep fresh faced - with no makeup (if wanting face sprayed) 
Disposable G-strings are supplied if you would like to wear one, or you’re welcome to wear your own.
Loose, baggy clothing is the best choice to wear after your tan. Tight clothes are not recommended.
As this is an express tan, it is recommended to wash your tan off after 2 hours of it being applied 
- A quick rinse in the shower with no soap or body wash and no scrubbing 
- Pat dry with your towel rather than rub 
- No need to moisturize as the tan still needs to set into your skin after washing off (colour fully develops after 8 hours)    

After care of your tan

Moisturizing is the key to make your tan last! Hydrate by applying your favourite moisturizer after you shower.
For an even longer lasting tan, apply a moisturizer with DHA added (gradual tan)   

*Before and After care can be purchase through me (Naked Tan)  

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